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What we do

At our core, we're problem solvers - we build software to help bring ideas to life. Our various libraries provide caching, database access, web crawling and more for projects of all sizes. With our managed service BrandVantage, you can more easily integrate structured data into your applications.

Using one of our open source libraries? We offer commercial support plans with email support, expert usage advice for our libraries, priority bug fixes and more.

Our Support Plans

What we've built

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Turn web pages into structured data with BrandVantage, simplifying the data extraction process from third-party sites.
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Cache Tower
Cache Tower is a multi-layer solution to caching for .NET projects. Have the performance of a fast cache like in-memory with the resilience of a file, database or Redis-backed cache.
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MongoFramework tries to bring some of the nice features from Entity Framework into the world of MongoDB. Provides indexing through attributes, changeset support, change tracking with diff-updates and more.
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Infinity Crawler
What is known as a "polite" web crawler, Infinity Crawler simplifies the process of website crawling for .NET projects. Control the throttling, simulatenous requests and artificial jitter of each crawl.
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Sitemap Tools
Our Sitemap Tools for .NET projects allow easy parsing of both TXT and XML sitemap files as well as parsing of sitemap index files. Has built-in handling of GZ-compressed XML sitemaps too.
Icon for Robots Exclusion Tools
Robots Exclusion Tools
Support parsing and querying of "robots.txt" files in your .NET projects as well as support the parsing of robots metatags and headers.
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Vibrancy provides a way for .NET projects to easily extract promiment colours from images.
Icon for Build Versioning
Build Versioning
Providing simple build versioning for .NET projects, powered by Git tags, following SemVer v2.0. This library performs the version handling for our other libraries.
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Dino DNS
A fast and efficient DNS client and server for .NET projects. It is currently in early development.

Who we are

Hi, I'm James Turner and I'm the founder and director of Turner Software. We're a small software development company from Adelaide, Australia.

I've been operating Turner Software since 2009. Initially as a contracted website development agency, it has turned into a dedicated .NET development shop.

I build software because I love doing so - it has been a dream of mine to do so before I could even spell software development. The time and dedication I've put into the craft helps ensure high quality software for others to build their ideas upon.